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Zooming In and Out

You can zoom in and out on a graph using the View|Zoom In and View|Zoom Out menu items or the corresponding toolbar buttons.

Zoom In doubles the zoom level (i.e. you can see half as much of the graph) and Zoom Out halves the zoom level (i.e. you can see twice as much of the graph).

Remember that you can also zoom in on a graph by dragging out a rectangle with the Zoom mouse button (by default the right button). When you do this, the view-port changes to show the region which you dragged out.

Centering the view

The View|Center View menu item or toolbar button pans the view-port so that the origin (where the x any y axes meet) is in the center of the graph window. This command is often useful after zooming in on a rectangle as described above.

Plotter 0.2.1 Documentation
James Kermode, August 2001