Plotter Options

The Options dialog box is used to set various defaults and options for Plotter. These settings are saved using the Choices system - this is a standard used by all ROX applications, and you can read more about it here.

Display and Colour Options

Like many GTK+ programs, Plotter has a status bar at the bottom of the main window. Normally this shows the x and y co-ordinates of the current mouse cursor position. When you pan the graph by clicking and dragging with the pan button (by default the left button), the status bar changes to show how much the graph is being panned by. When you zoom to a region, the status bar shows the region that you are zooming to. You can turn the status bar on and off using the Show status bar option. Similarily, the Show tool bar controls whether the toolbar at the top of the Plotter window is shown.

Plotter has an optional grid which is shown as dashed lines on the graph. The Show Grid lines option is used to turn on and off the grid.

The Label Font option specifies the font used for the labels on both the x and y axis. Changes made to this font will not take effect on plot windows that are currently open. Options are also provided to change the line width used to draw the axes, and the size of border left around the edge of the graph.

The Colours tab in the options dialog box allows you to choose which colours should be used for the grid lines, the zoom-box and for graphing functions.

Axes Options

The X Axis and Y Axis tabs in the options dialog box allow you to set the plot range and display options for the x and y axes respectivly.

Plot Range

The plot range for each axis is specified in terms of the minimum (i.e. starting value for the axis), maximum (i.e. ending value) and pitch (the distance between succesive grid ticks or labels on the axis). You should type a decimal number into each box.

Display Options

There are three display options for each axis:

Parametric and Polar Options

Parametric and Polar graphs use the variable t. The Parametric/Polar tab lets you change the maximum and minimum values of t used for these graphs, as well as the number of points to be plotted on each graph. Increasing the number of points increases the resolution of the graph produced.

Mouse and Key Bindings

The Mouse Bindings tab lets you choose which mouse button you want to use for each of three functions: As with most GTK+ programs, you can set shortcut keys for menu items by pressing the desired key combination with the mouse over the menu item you want. These key bindings will be saved with your Plotter options, but this has not been implemented yet!
Plotter 0.2.1 Documentation
James Kermode, August 2001