File Menu

Plotter uses Drag-and-Drop loading and saving in the same way as the ROX-Filer file manager.

Saving your graphs

You can save a series of functions to disc using the Save menu item or toolbar button. This pops up a Save box, and you should drag the icon to a directory display to save the file. When you save a file, Plotter includes the functions you have defined as well as the setup code from the options dialog box.

Files saved from Plotter are actually Python scripts. You can edit the scripts to add more complicated functionality to your graphs - for more details and examples of what can be done, see Extending Plotter.

Opening files

Plotter can open files in two ways:
  1. From the command line - if you drop a file onto Plotter's application icon, then it will start up and load the specified file.
  2. By Drag-and-Drop - if you drop a file inside Plotter's window, then Plotter will load it and display the functions that it defines.
As Plotter files are really Python scripts, they are loaded by executing them inside Plotter's user namespace. To find out more about what this means, see Extending Plotter.
Plotter 0.2.1 Documentation
James Kermode, August 2001