Example Scripts

The Examples/ subdirectory contains several example Plotter scripts, which demonstrate some of the features of Plotter, and ways in which you can extend it by writing some of your own Python functions.

Simple Example - simple.py

This script was saved directly from Plotter. It contains plots of two cartesian functions, plus the necessary function calls to setup the axes. If you load this into Plotter, you should see a parabola and a sinusoid.

Function Types - functypes.py

This script, also saved directly from Plotter, demonstrates using the three different types of function presently supported in Plotter: cartesian, polar and parametric.

Degrees - degrees.py

By defining simple sin_degrees(), cos_degrees() and tan_degrees() functions, this script produces trigonometric plots with the x-axis in degrees rather than radians. This script was written by hand in a text-editor, but it would have been possible to enter the function defintions in the Plotter console and achive the same effect.

Calculus - calculus.py

This script defines differntiation and integration functionals (higher order functions that operate on functions). This means you display graphs of the derivative or integral of a function easily. It is a good demonstration of the power of mixing the Python programming language with the Plotter graphical interface to graph plotting.
Plotter 0.2.1 Documentation
James Kermode, August 2001